Member dues are now payable January 31 each year.  

Current REGULAR dues $40.00,

Members age 80 by January 31st dues are reduced to $25.00.  

The Soaring Eagles need your support.  

Make your check payable to the USAir "Soaring Eagles" and mail to Treasurer:

Captain Paul Sturpe, 8860 Peninsula Drive, Terrell, NC 28682.

Telephone (828) 478-1133

Remember to include an update of your status.

A new service for our membership.

Captain Sturpe has set up a PayPal account

enabling you to send fees to the Treasurer.


Using your PayPal account make your funds payable through PayPal to:


We hope this service makes it easier to stay current as a Soaring Eagle.


Carter, Shirley Blair

Colbath, Judy Schmidt

Crocker, Peggy Payton

DeFurio, Linda

Dunkel, Sali Burgard

Ebner, Janet

Kelly, Mary Kay

Lee, Sue

Marocco, Diana

Prentice, Gail

Pressley, Barbara

Seiden, Donna Schmitt

Todd, Judi

Trihey, Joanne

Send your news or notices  for publication on this Eagles website  to:


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