41st Annual Convention of the Soaring Eagles

--- October 27, 28 and 29, 2017 ---

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U•S AIRWAYS became a company created by mergers involving several airline companies which brought effective resources to the system in the form of routes, equipment and well qualified employee groups.

The management team developed by Mr. Leslie O. Barnes began a movement toward a growth pattern developing into one of the largest and most efficient airlines in the world.  Mr. Barnes was succeeded by Edwin I. Colodny as President and Chairman.

Mr. Colodny established a great management team that included Mr. Seth "Butch" Schofield, the eventual President and Chairman.

These officers took advantage of opportunity to grow and prosper.  Mergers were brought to completion that considered the welfare of all employees in addition to strengthening the airline marketplace standing.  Allegheny, Lake Central, Mohawk, Pacific Southwest, Piedmont, Trump Shuttle and America West are the airlines that formed USAir and U•S Airways.

This website is intended to recognize the contribution made by Employees and Managers who built the U•S Airways Airline Company.  

Retired Chairman Ed Colodny accepts his Eagle Award from the Soaring Eagles in recognition of his outstanding service to USAir and the employee groups.  

Mr. Colodny's  appreciation is obvious.

Director of Flight Operations Captain Gerald Milburn and select flight crew honored to transport our USAir Group Chairman Seth "Butch" Schofield and Mrs. Diane Schofield to Boeing Field in Seattle for a celebration of the 300th Boeing delivered to USAir utilizing the "Ideas That FLY" Boeing 757-200

Retired Captain Robert L. Sumwalt accepts his Eagle award in recognition of his ten years service as a member of the National Transportation Safety Board.  The Honorabe Robert L. Sumwalt, NTSB Member, served as our 2016 Eagles Convention guest speaker gIving an overview of several safety issues during his service.  Robert was appointed as Co-Chairman of the NTSB by President George W. Bush.  We were proud to induct the Honorable Robert Sumwalt of the NTSB into our Soaring Eagles group.

The Honorable Robert L Sumwalt is appointed to a third five year term with the NTSB.

The United States Senate confirmed Robert L Sumwalt as Chairman of the NTSB.

Robert L Sumwalt is an Honorary Member of the U•S Airways Soaring Eagles.

Chairman Leslie O. Barnes and Flight Attendants introduce modern jet prop service using the Napier powered Convair. The Napier powered Convair was short lived.  It was replaced by the Allison powered 580 Convair.  The seven Flight Attendants wearing the bright colored outfits were on loan from Hawaii as a promotional plan for the service.


eMail:  gmilburn1@cfl.rr.com


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